Welcome to ARM5™ Formula Co. – We help you potentially 10X your money by investing into an established, profitable E-Commerce business with a 24 month guaranteed cash on cash return.

About Us

our mission

Our Mission

To help investors potentially 5X-10X+ their hard-earned cash by investing into an established, successful, profitable E-Commerce company. 

We do this by purchasing already-thriving E-Com companies and offering a percentage of profits and a percentage of the future sale of the company until we sell it in 1-3 years on average

If you are an investor who is looking for above-average gains vs traditional investments, with low risk, this is a great fit for you.

Our Core Value

Our core values include Quality, Performance, Process, People, and Passion. 

These 5 Core Values represent the 5 pillars that we focus on in our culture at ARM5™ Formula Co. 

We create processes from, buy businesses from, train, hire and even fire personnel to support these values to ensure that we are building a professional, high-quality, “A” player led culture of team members that are passionate about helping our investors win.

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Our Team Members

Josh Marsden


Josh Marsden, MBA, Author, Founder, helps clients get clarity, focus, and more results from their paid advertising and online marketing.

Justin Christianson


My role encompasses the strategic direction of our company's marketing efforts. I am responsible for promoting brand growth, enhancing our presence in the market, and ensuring our messaging resonates with our desired audience.

Colin McGuire


CEO at  Boomn, an operating a portfolio of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands through incubation, acquisition, and strategic operating partnerships

Janak Mehta


CEO at Client Online, Investor in E-commerce, Ed Tech and Service Brands

Los Silva


Co-founder of PowerHouse, a Coaching & Consulting services

Adam Lyons


CEO at The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint, a 5-step surefire process for helping experts uncover new revenue through customer insight reports, customer avatar analytics, revenue prediction, product testing and market research, ultimately allowing their businesses to generate additional revenue without new leads.

Brandon Campbell

Senior Brand Director

Brandon is one of our fearless brand managers who ensures his E-Com companies under his control keep churning out profits for our partners and cash for our investors.

Karl Schuckert

Senior Brand Director

Karl is a serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings who now produces frequent million-dollar launches through multiple brands. He parlays his successful E-Com experience toward the brands he manages within ARM5™ Formula.

Brian McDaniel

ARM5 Marketing Manager

Brian, a 15-year marketing expert with expertise in Google Ads, social media advertising, and sales funnel development, and is a dedicated husband and father with a passion for adventure.

Ikumi Schuckert

E-Com Operator

Ikumi brings over ten years of experience in online marketing and E-Commerce, growing profitable ventures. As a peak performance coach, she combines technical and entrepreneurial skills with personal development, enhancing individual and business success.

Luis Cordero

E-Com Operator

Web developer and digital marketing specialist. Creative, dedicated and resourceful about the optimization of processes. His life-goal is to provide practical solutions that will optimize Return on Investment (ROI).

Emerita Salvador

Executive Assistant

Tech-savvy professional with experience in office executive assistant roles, strong performance in high-pressure environments, and ability to organize appointments, prioritize tasks, and plan meetings.

Betty Kumahor

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, I oversee all projects in Asana, ensuring efficiency and timely completion to drive our company's success.

Mariela Castillo

Investor Relations Specialist, Operations Assistant

With 15+ years of expertise in communications, marketing, managing international customer relations and success coaching programs - Mariela is uniquely positioned to assist with your investment experience at ARM5 and brings an unwavering commitment to your financial success.

Michael Mcdaniels

Investment Advisor Specialist

Michael is a Investment Relation Specialist with 10+ years experience helping clients make the decisions that ultimately change their financial future.

Kevin Hill

Lead Copywriter

One of the best copywriters on the planet whose written copy for Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, The No B.S.Inner Circle, Agora Publishing, and the world-famous economist Harry Dent. He’s been behind $400+ million in direct marketing sales.

Lana Gubanova

Head of CS Operations

Lana, a Master of Arts graduate in English Literature and Cultures from the University of Bonn, has seven years of experience as an administrator for German, Austrian, and US online stores.

Nickolay Okorokov

E-Com Senior Implementation Specialist

Nick is one of the wizards here at ARM5™ Formula Accelerator that makes the impossible possible through web development and programming. He has a passion for developing high converting funnel pages using our secret tactics.

Juan Carlos Donoso

E-Com Senior Implementation Specialist

Juan Carlos, a skilled project manager and customer service specialist, specializes in WordPress and Shopify platforms, ensuring seamless project execution for E-Commerce and website development.

Mishelle Macias

E-Com Implementation Project Manager

Mishelle, a project manager with a focus on communications, has transitioned from journalism to digital marketing, leveraging her organizational and team management skills to drive technological projects forward.

Shikeb Ali

Senior Full Stack Developer

Shikeb, a tech expert with over a decade of experience, is known for creating cutting-edge SAAS web applications, E-Commerce, and WordPress apps, showcasing his versatility and ability to create game-changing tech.

Gopal Parmar

Full Stack Developer

Gopal Parmar, a 12+ years of Full-Stack Development experience. I have worked on more than 700+ projects using various tools, and technologies (Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, Hubspot, Wix, Weebly, Opencart, Wordpess Custom Plugins, Custom PHP). Gopal is currently working as the tech leader under Brandon's Limitless Team.

Shafi Imam

Full Stack Developer

Shafi is a skilled full-stack developer with over 5 years of experience, specializing in cutting-edge web technologies. He is proficient in creating robust Shopify applications and dynamic E-Commerce stores, delivering innovative solutions across the entire web development stack.

Divyesh Patel

Shopify Web developer

Shopify Web developer with a keen eye for design and user experience. Specialized in E-Commerce solutions, Shopify functionality, and responsive websites.

Pablo Leopoldo Vargas Gallegos

E-Com Implementation Specialist

Leopoldo, ARM5™'s tech expert, specializes in Shopify, Google, and Meta, providing tailored solutions to boost E-Commerce store performance. He collaborates with his team for clear communication.

Cristian Pinto

E-Com Implementation Specialist

Cristian, a tech implementation and E-Commerce specialist at ARM5™, leverages Shopify, Google, and Meta to enhance online performance for ARM5™'s brands through collaborative communication.

John Ryanver Perez

E-Com Junior Implementation Specialist

John, with eight years of experience in Expedia.com and American Express, is a seasoned implementor in ARM5™ Formula, known for his exceptional service and solutions.

Abigail Cares Ibiza

Senior Copywriter / Translator

Abigail is a skilled writer, editor and translator. She creates valuable blog content and emails to grow any email list. Her multilingual skills will be set to work to help Arm5 grow worldwide

Delphine Coppens

Social Media Manager / Customer Service Specialist

Delphine is a skilled social media content creator focused on elevating various brands’ online presence. She is adept at identifying trends and innovating in her field, guided by Brandon.

Jenny Salvani

Customer Support

Dedicated E-Commerce Customer Service Support Virtual Assistant. With years of experience in the dynamic world of online retail, I thrive in ensuring customer shopping experience is seamless and delightful.

Chielou Guitche

Customer Service Specialist

With 11 years of diverse customer service expertise in industries ranging from airlines to e-commerce and digital marketing, she transitioned into a role as an outreach coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience to effectively connect and engage with diverse audiences specializing in connecting with athletes and influencers.

Reuben Emmanuel

Graphic and UI/UX Designer

Emmanuel, an exceptional graphic and UI/UX designer at ARM5™ Formula, boasts over 5 years of design and front-end development expertise, demonstrating a track record of efficient planning, swift execution, timely delivery, and creative thinking.

Jasmin Kanama

Graphic and UI/UX Designer

A seasoned visual and UX/UI designer with a solid foundation in retail and commerce, complemented by front-end development expertise. I am dedicated to crafting superior user experiences by employing an empathetic and engaging approach that merges aesthetic design with commercial insight.

Diana Mazzitelli

Graphic Designer

With two decades of experience in brand management and visual creativity, Diana is an graphic designer who breathes life into both pixelated and vector images. Her expertise lies in applying a discerning eye to the evolution and enhancement of brand products, websites, and user experiences.

The CEO’S Journey

Hi, I’m Josh Marsden

MBA Graduate, International Best-Selling Author, U.S. Army Veteran, and am the creator of the ARM5™ Formula and founder of our company.

Through the success that we’ve had with our clients when we were an E-Com Marketing Agency from 2013-2021, I’ve been featured on top business podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire or SuperFastBusiness, and have been seen or heard on The Huffington Post, DigitalMarketer.com, BigCommerce.com, and have been on stage twice at one of the top marketing conferences in the world, Traffic and Conversion Summit. 

The CEO’S Journey 1

Work With Renowned Leaders

My team and I have worked with leaders like Joe Polish, Josh Turner, Dani Johnson, and, just as important, clients that are less well-known.

Let Me Tell You The Story Of How ARM5™ Formula Came To Be…

Although my company started way back in early 2013, let me take you way back to a few stories that I feel had a hand in igniting my entrepreneur journey.

My first business was when I was 8 years old and the Nintendo Entertainment System was all the rage. 

Although I didn’t get one until I was 10 (thanks mom and dad!), I borrowed Nintendo games from other kids and started renting them out to people. 

Turns out, after a few transactions, I knew I was on to something.

I had started my first business without really even realizing it was a business!

I was in 4th grade at the time so I didn’t really “get” what business was at that age.

I just had an idea and went with it because it gave me extra money to spend on Street Fighter II and candy at the gas station nearby.

Unfortunately, this great business was halted quickly when parents of kids that I had done business with called my parents which led to a verbal “cease and desist” order direct from “Drill Sergeant” aka ARMY Veteran, Arthur Marsden, my Dad.

The Seed That Never Grew

Fast forward to late 1999 in my freshman year in college, when I had a fascination with computers.

I even chose to major in computer science with the goal of becoming a video game programmer.

(I finished in business, but that’s a story for another time)

On the side, I turned to a close friend and had him teach me how to custom-build computers. This was my first foray into learning “tech skills” that would help me out later in life.

Never Grew image 1

For over 10 years, I built several custom-build computers for friends, colleagues, family, and myself, for fun.

I had even ended up getting a business license called ICE Power PC with the goal of selling custom-built computers to customers, like Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and other well-known brands in this industry.

Unfortunately, I never got it off the ground while I was building a career in the Education industry and finishing my Bachelors and Masters degrees in business, but the entrepreneur seed was still there.

Becoming a Veteran

In 2001, I ended up joining the Arizona Army National Guard, following in my dad’s footsteps. College wasn’t working out for me and I needed another road to help me grow up while building skills I could use later in life.

I passed the rigorous Air Traffic Control school with flying colors when many people didn’t finish. At 3 C Grades on exams you would be kicked out of the program as a way to prepare you for the stress that you would face as an Air Traffic Controller.

Becoming 1

Experience In The Military

My experience growing up a military brat with a father in the military combined with my experience with the Army National Guard, helped me create and refine key character traits that would serve me well in life and business:


Started Me image 1
Started Me image 2

In early 2012, I left a very stable, successful career in Education after 7 years, many awards, and a near-6 figure salary.

I took a chance for various reasons, leaving my safety net that I had worked hard for, and transitioned over to a software company doing sales, called Infusionsoft.

Throughout 2012, although I was just above expectations, I wasn’t happy.

I didn’t feel like I fit in. I constantly questioned management.

Plus, I wasn’t being challenged the way I wanted to be.

See, I thrive on challenges, which is why I love helping businesses make more money.

I love the adrenaline rush that I feel when I’ve hit a goal or exceeded a goal, in business and life.

My manager could tell and so one day, after a slow start to the month, he did me a favor.

He let me go.

Two months later, I started at a new job with optimism that it would work out while I also served 2 clients on the side…

And I still remember the feeling to this day…

They said that I couldn’t leave at 5 PM 2-3 times per week to pick up my son from preschool.

They wanted me to work 7 am – 7 PM, 5 days a week and…

I had a literal ultimatum.

I’d have to change my schedule with my son’s mother to work the same schedule as everyone or…

I was gone.

I was pissed.

I couldn’t believe that a company would actually do that!

So after 3 weeks of leading them on and saying that I was trying to figure it out…

I finally emailed them and said it wasn’t going to work.


That Point image 1
That Point image 2
That Point image 3

At the time, I didn’t feel like it was a favor but at the end of the day it acatually was.

That same morning that I was 100% let go (yes, there was a 75% let go the night before but I was able to debate my way out of it), I had immediate job opportunities.

Now, I wasn’t 100% sure that that was my calling.

When I was connecting with business owners and Infusionsoft Certified Partners in my sales role, I felt a different calling.

To stoke that same fire a bit further, I listed myself on Upwork and earned a whopping…


It didn’t matter. It was a start.

I’ve learned from some of the biggest names in Marketing by putting myself in the same circles and rooms as them, including Ryan Deiss who approved the use of ARM5™ Formula Accelerator, an acronym that he came up with for Customer Value Optimization.

I was able to get myself into popular media outlets because of the success of our clients and my relationships.

I made memories that I never thought I would have made…

Through lots of long, hard hours of working and studying, I learned more than I ever thought I would.

I realized that the school of hard knocks in business is real, Including realizing business is about providing value and serving, not the other way around.

Although it was a challenge, I was even able to publish a book and add “author” to my title.


That’s because of YOU and this is something that I don’t take lightly.

I am very fortunate to have a great life doing something that I love, which is helping investors like you turn your hard-earned cash into a 5X-10X+ in 1-3 years on average.

I truly love what I do and get a “natural high” when I see the team beating goals that we set with our partners and investors.

E-Commerce Performance


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