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Episode 99: Boost Organic SEO With Actionable SEO Tips with John Vuong

We’re back with Episode 99 of the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show!

It’s great to have an online store that looks beautiful and is super functional.


What good is it if nobody can find your brand on Google?


SEO still matters.

Especially in E-Commerce.

The more organic traffic you can get, the easier it is for your business to get sales and grow.

That’s why we’re super happy to have John Vuong on the show.

John is joining us from Toronto and he’s one of the world’s leading experts on search engine optimization.

He started his agency, Local SEO Search, eight years ago with zero knowledge other than a background in traditional advertising sales.

Since then, he’s helped businesses all around the globe improve their digital presence and increase traffic through SEO strategies.

John is a great expert to follow to help you get better rankings and grow your E-Commerce business. On this episode of the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show, you’ll learn:

  • John’s backstory as a child of immigrants and why now is an amazing time to be an entrepreneur.
  • Why SEO is important if you want to grow for the long term.
  • How you can use a combination of SEO and other digital marketing for a solid media mix.
  • The reason smaller E-Commerce businesses have to cultivate traffic instead of relying on quick wins.
  • The importance of understanding your brand and overall goals before jumping into an SEO strategy.
  • Why it is vital to continue to post good content on a consistent basis to improve long term SEO.


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Watch this episode of the E-Commerce Performance Marketing Show as our host, Josh Marsden, the international bestselling author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce and as seen or heard on Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, and The Huffington Post interviews John Vuong about boosting your organic SEO.


Josh Marsden is the founder of CVO Acceleration and the author of Facebook Advertising Trends and Strategies for E-Commerce. Josh has been seen or heard in multiple media outlets, including Entrepreneurs on Fire, SuperFastBusiness, the Huffington Post, the Big Commerce Blog, and many others. Josh’s passion is helping businesses realize their full potential using Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. When he’s not helping clients, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, spending time with his son Benjamin, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

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